Most Recent Results

Novel MIR Laser Sources and Applications

Continuous-wave operation of type-I quantum well DFB laser diodes emitting in 3.4 µm wavelength range around room temperature

L. Naehle, S. Belahsene, M.von. Edlinger, M. Fischer, G. Boissier, P. Grech, G. Narcy, A. Vicet, Y. Rouillard, J. Koeth and L. Worschech
Electronics Letters 47, 46 (2011)
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Monolithic tunable GaSb-based lasers at 3.3 µm

L. Naehle, C. Zimmermann, S. Belahsene, M. Fischer, G. Boissier, P. Grech, G. Narcy, S. Lundqvist, Y. Rouillard, J. Koeth, M. Kamp and L. Worschech
Electron. Lett. 47, 1092 (2011)
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Detection of acetylene impurities in ethylene and polyethylene manufacturing processes using tunable diode laser spectroscopy in the 3 µm range

P. Kluczynski, M. Jahjah, L. Nähle, O. Axner, S. Belahsene, M. Fischer, J. Koeth, Y. Rouillard, J. Westberg, A. Vicet, S. Lundqvist
Applied Physics B, DOI 10.1007/s00340-011-4645-6
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Opportunities for MIR TDLS in the hydrocarbon manufacturing industry

K. U. Pleban, P. Kluczynski, S. Lundqvist
FLAIR 2011 - Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research, 13-17 September 2011, Murnau, Germany

Semiconductor Material Development

Impact of active region design changes on interband cascade laser device performance

A. Bauer, R. Weih, M. Dallner, M. v. Edlinger, L. Nähle, M. Fischer, J.Koeth, S. Höfling, L. Worschech, M. Kamp, A. Forchel
38th International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors, 22-26 May 2011, Berlin, Germany

Room temperature operation of Ga1-xAlxSb/InAs/Ga1-xAlxSb digital alloy diode laser at 3.3 μm

S. Belahsene, K. S. Gadedjisso, G. Boissier, P. Grech, G. Narcy, Y. Rouillard
Euro-MBE 2011, 21-23 March 2011, L′Alpe-d′Huez, France

Atomic scale interface engineering for strain compensated epitaxially grown InAs/AlSb superlattices

A. Bauer, M. Dallner, A. Herrmann, T. Lehnhardt, M. Kamp, S. Höfling, L. Worschech, A Forchel
Nanotechnology 21, 455603 (2010)
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Semiconductor Physics

Carrier loss mechanisms in type II quantum wells for the active region of GaSb-based mid-infrared interband cascade lasers

G. Sêk, F. Janiak, M. Motyka, K. Ryczko, J. Misiewicz, A. Bauer, S. Höfling, A. Forchel
Optical Materials 28 July (2011)
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Above GaSb barrier states in type II quantum well structures for mid-infrared emission detected by Fourier-transformed modulated reflectivity

M. Motyka, F. Janiak, K. Ryczko, G. Sêk, J. Misiewicz, A. Bauer, R. Weih, S. Höfling, M. Kamp, A. Forchel
Opto-Electronics Review 19, 137 (2011)
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Effect of annealing-induced interdiffusion on the electronic structure of mid infrared emitting GaInAsSb/AlGaInAsSb quantum wells

K. Ryczko, G. Sêk, M. Motyka, F. Janiak, J. Misiewicz, Belahsene, G. Boissier, Y. Rouillard
Japanese Journal of Applied Phyiscs 50, 031202 (2011)
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