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European scientists team up to develop tomorrow`s hydrocarbon sensing systems

In a collaborative effort scientists and engineers from all across Europe join forces in the recently launched EU project "Photonic sensing of hydrocarbons based on innovative mid infrared lasers" (SENSHY) to develop a new generation of laser based gas sensing systems for hydrocarbons.

The market for gas sensors is of global significance and is rapidly expanding, fuelled by new applications based on ever-growing public concerns over such issues as pollution, health and safety at work, as well as new developments in industrial process control. A key area with particular potential to increase this market further is Tuneable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS), a laser based approach which is now seeing increased commercial exploitation and is positioned at the very centre of the SENSHY project.

Using TDLS, a variety of gas species can be detected at trace levels in the ppm or even ppb range. The key components of modern TDLS systems are tuneable semiconductor lasers, which allow the system to be miniaturized and allow highly sensitive quantitative measurements with fast response time without the need for recalibration. Sale of TDLS based instruments is currently rapidly expanding with typical growth rates of 30% for the last few years.

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