Wroclaw University of Technology
Short description of the participating partner organization
Wroc³aw University of Technology specializes in the use of optical spectroscopy techniques for advanced characterization of semiconductor structures. Among many other fields, they have many years experience in modulation spectroscopy, like photoreflectance (PR), phototransmittance (PT), contactless electroreflectance (CER), as well as in photoluminescence (PL) and photoluminescence excitation (PLE) spectroscopy for investigating the active regions of semiconductor devices. Modulation spectroscopy in particular is a powerful investigative tool as its high sensitivity allows the observation of excited state related optical transitions even with very small oscillator strengths (including transitions in quantum dots or those nominally parity forbidden ones).
Contact Person
Prof. Jan Misiewicz
Phone: +48 71 320 27 36
Fax: +48 71 328 36 96